Latino Theatre Commons

  • Oh Where, Oh Where Have I Been

    I usually don’t go dark on the blog unless I’m traveling or visiting family. No such luck. I’ve been here in SF toiling away and completely beleaguered. I think it’s official: too many irons in the fire.

    But I need to make the effort. So here I am. Effort-ing.

    Though, if I’m honest with myself, ever since Xanga switched to this new look/platform my blogging has slacked. I think it’s the blog’s look and feel. All this reminds me that I need to get going on a new website and transfer this blog and its archives over.

    So what’s going on?

    Well, the Bay Area Latino Theatre Artists Network (BALTAN) has set the date for its second potluck gathering. I unfortunately won’t be able to make it as rehearsals for The River Bride begin early December. So it’s starting. My first local show is about to begin rehearsals. In fact, this weekend I head up to San Rafael to meet with my directors (I have two) so we can go over the entire script.

    In the meantime, I need to do edits on both The River Bride and Wolf at the Door.

    And there’s also the gender parity portal (formerly the toolkit). Director Christine Young and I met earlier this month to finally touch base on the project. So far we’ve figured out that the project should roll out in stages. As for the development of the resources, we may need to gather a national committee to help develop it. Yikes. Big project. But well worth it.

    And I never finished the Storify I was working on to document my Latino Theatre Commons experience. I’ll attempt to finish it on Sunday perhaps.

    Now that I think about it a lot has happened since I last blogged. And a lot of it contributed to the fact that I wasn’t able to blog.

    Here’s what happened:

    • I went to Boston for four days to attend the Latino Theatre Commons. And it was awesome!
    • I met with Christine Young to discuss the gender parity portal–a resource for theatre artists
    • I saw Solitude by Evelina Fernandez. The Latino Theatre Company performed at Brava. I am so happy I saw this performance. It was a wonderful evening of theatre and so amazing to see Brava filled.
    • Participated in a grantwriting workshop for artists. Two weekend workshops and lots of free time went to working on my grant proposal. Cross those fingers.
    • Rehearsal for the One Minute Play Festival. I have two plays in the festival. My friend Hugo is directing one of the pieces and I attended the initial rehearsal–which was great.
    • Phone call with my directors prepping for an in-person meeting to go over the script (The River Bride)
    • Received an invitation to submit to an invitation-only developmental conference. Cross those fingers.
    • Attended week-long mega conference (SalesForce) while still trying to do regular day-job duties.
    • In between all this running around I would occasionally collapse on my futon and fall asleep watching a movie.

    Which brings us to today.


  • Too Many Irons in the Fire or How I Learn To Stop Worrying And Love Deadlines

    How did this happen? How is it the end of October with my birthday right around the corner and I am not ready. I do not have the time to organize even a small gathering of my friends. I am trying to, but I don’t think it’s realistically possible given all that I have going on at the moment, which includes:

    • Finishing my One Minute Play Festival submission for the SF OMPF
    • Working on a grant proposal and finishing a first draft before Friday because…
    • Friday going to a coaching session for my grant writing workshop so that I can then…
    • Finalize my first draft of my grant proposal and submit it by Oct. 29 because…
    • October 30 I head to the National Latino Theatre Commons conference in Boston
    • And I need to go to Chinatown sometime soon or my sobrinos will never forgive me if I don’t come home with parasols for Christmas
    • Plus there’s the NALAC grant application I need to start
    • And other applications
    • And organizing the next Bay Area Latino Theatre Artists Network potluck which we think now will happen in early December
    • Plus, I’m finally going to start working on that gender parity toolkit in December, or at least start plotting its process for development
    • Which reminds me, this Sunday there’s a feminist theatre salon to go to
    • So I have no idea when I’m going to clean my house which has languished under a thin layer of mess ever since my back started bothering me.
    • Oh, and then I’ve been invited to participate on a committee
    • Which reminds me, I need to check in with my Alma mater about the symposium I’m going to develop with them…

    See what I mean about too many irons.