August 20, 2013

  • Andromeda and Perseus

    I'm an imagist. I draw a lot of inspiration from images and like to incorporate images into my work. When I begin writing a play I tend to go through a period of image gathering. For Heart Shaped Nebula I found quite a few images of Andromeda and Perseus. I had hoped to find images that matched the visual I in my head.

    You see those stars there. That’s Perseus. The meteor shower is called the Perseid meteor shower because it looks like the meteors are coming from that constellation.

    The stars that make up the constellation of Perseusappear in the sky.

    And there’s Andromeda, Perseus’ beloved.

    The stars that make up the constellation of Andromeda appear in the sky. As DALILA tells the story, artistic representations of Andromeda in chains and Perseus with his sword raised in battle, carrying the head of Medusa appear over the stars, but do not block out their light.

    That's from my play. That's the image I had in my head. And currently designers are working to figure out just how they'll represent that on stage.

    As for me, I managed to find it. The image I had in my head turns up exists online (thank you, Internet). And I sent it along to help inspire the designers.

    And now, I'll share them with you.

    First, Andromeda. Credit: NASA, ESA, and STScI

    And Perseus. Credit: NASA, ESA, G. Bacon (STScI) and A. Fujii (for STScI)


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