October 22, 2013

  • Too Many Irons in the Fire or How I Learn To Stop Worrying And Love Deadlines

    How did this happen? How is it the end of October with my birthday right around the corner and I am not ready. I do not have the time to organize even a small gathering of my friends. I am trying to, but I don’t think it’s realistically possible given all that I have going on at the moment, which includes:

    • Finishing my One Minute Play Festival submission for the SF OMPF
    • Working on a grant proposal and finishing a first draft before Friday because…
    • Friday going to a coaching session for my grant writing workshop so that I can then…
    • Finalize my first draft of my grant proposal and submit it by Oct. 29 because…
    • October 30 I head to the National Latino Theatre Commons conference in Boston
    • And I need to go to Chinatown sometime soon or my sobrinos will never forgive me if I don’t come home with parasols for Christmas
    • Plus there’s the NALAC grant application I need to start
    • And other applications
    • And organizing the next Bay Area Latino Theatre Artists Network potluck which we think now will happen in early December
    • Plus, I’m finally going to start working on that gender parity toolkit in December, or at least start plotting its process for development
    • Which reminds me, this Sunday there’s a feminist theatre salon to go to
    • So I have no idea when I’m going to clean my house which has languished under a thin layer of mess ever since my back started bothering me.
    • Oh, and then I’ve been invited to participate on a committee
    • Which reminds me, I need to check in with my Alma mater about the symposium I’m going to develop with them…

    See what I mean about too many irons.

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