April 3, 2013

  • Poet, Playwright…Novelist?

    “You should write a novel.” That’s what my coworker said to me last week out of the blue while we were taking a bit of a break.

    “That play of yours that won all those awards. Write it as a novel.”

    Huh. I hadn’t thought of that.

    “That play” she’s referring to is Braided Sorrow, the first play I wrote. And considering that it’s told in non-chronological order, it could be an interesting novel of vignettes sort of like Indiana, Indiana by Laird Hunt (which is a wonderful read by the way).

    I mean, each scene could be fleshed out into a chapter and I could explore the inner thoughts of characters, revel in descriptive prose to make the world arise in the mind of the reader.

    Interestingly enough novelist was what I wanted to be when I was a girl. I sat at my parents’ Apple IIGS typing away at my science fiction novel. So I guess I’m coming a bit full circle, aren’t I?

    I think I have a summer project. Though I don’t think I’ll finish it by summer’s end. But at least I can open up some time to start it. Here we go, gente. Braided Sorrow: A Novel.

    p.s. I know, I know it’s been ages (in blogging terms) since I last posted. That will change soon. I am making some changes that will allow me to refocus on my own blogging here. More soon.

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  • That is a great idea.

    I was told to do the same for a couple of my plays but I have never gotten around. Maybe it can become a competition between you and I (as inspiration) and see who writes it first. Hehehehehehe

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