February 27, 2013

  • Dance Card Filled Again

    What gives with my calendar lately? I mean, last weekend did a number on me. It was an overly ambitious schedule and I was oh so tired by the end of the weekend.

    A Short Recap
    Friday I saw Word for Word‘s You Know When The Men Are Gone. I thought they did a great job and yes, I cried through the entire second act. Afterward I hung out with the cast (I went to see two friends who were in the show) and we stayed at The Rite Spot until the pianist played The Piano Has Been Drinking as a sign off.

    Saturday evening I found myself on a very slow moving bus taking me downtown, but I managed to walk right into the ACT Costume Shop just as they were beginning to seat people for Tim Bauer‘s reading of his play Exit Wounds. I hadn’t seen Tim in a long while so it was good to see him and his wife. After the reading we all headed over to Farmer Brown to catch up.

    Sunday I woke up early to make yummy cranberry scones (They were scones!–sorry, only my good friend Angel will get that).

    See Smitten Kitchen for this easy recipe.

    I took the aforementioned scones to the Yeah, I Said Feminist Theatre salon. It was a big meeting. Lots of ladies. The salon went until 1pm and then I went home to try and nap before heading to 2by4 theatre’s Oscar Party/Fundraiser.

    I didn’t get that nap in.

    I knew about a quarter of the people at the Oscar Party which meant I got to practice my extrovert skills. We talked through the commercials and gave each lame landing joke the Oscar host delivered a well-deserved eye roll.

    Tired I left early. I was tired even on Monday. And now this upcoming weekend is shaping up to be just as event-filled. Friday I take friends to go see Hedwig at Boxcar, Saturday I’m seeing a reading of Outside Lands by Octavio Solis and Sunday is a friend’s birthday party.

    When’s a playwright suppose to write?


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