April 5, 2013

  • Weekend To Do List

    • Hang out with my best friend.
    • Rewrites. I have AlterLab in a week and need to get my draft to them next week so they can print out the scripts for my Wolf at the Door table reading.
    • Read two plays by a fellow playwright. We swapped plays recently. Our deadline for reading was April 1st. We’re both about a week behind.
    • Clean. My. Casita.
    • Take my two minute pitch about myself and my plays and attend the Yeah, I Said Feminist speed dating/networking event for women theatre artists.
    • Hunt down some rhubarb and bake strawberry rhubarb empanadas.
    • Laundry. Good gawd when am I gonna find time to do laundry? But it has to get done…


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