February 22, 2013

  • My Dance Card Is Full

    My metaphorical theatre dance card that is.

    Tonight I’m seeing Word for Word‘s You Know When the Men Are Gone. My friends Marilet and Chad are both in the show and get this: Word for Word is taking the show to France. That means they’re taking the actors in the show to France. France! That’s a pretty phenomenal opportunity and it’s the one time I have to say I wish I was an actor. But I digress. Tonight I go see my friends and hopefully grab a drink afterward to catch up.

    That’s Marilet on the left in a blonde wig and Chad riding what looks like a piece of luggage on the right.

    I’m going to ACT’s Costume Shop to catch a reading of Exit Wounds by my friend and fellow playwright Tim Bauer. I saw a reading of this play a while back (and so happens Chad was in it playing a very naughty Jack Kennedy). I’m looking forward to seeing what Tim’s done with the play and checking out the Costume Shop (this will be my first visit there).

    In the morning I head to the Yeah, I Said Feminist Theatre Salon’s fifth salon. There will be brunch and good conversation. Which reminds me, I need to figure out what dish I’m bringing along.

    In the afternoon I’m headed to an Oscar party and fundraiser for 2by4 theatre, a new Bay Area theatre with some exciting people behind it.

    And that’s it. That’s enough. That’s four theatre events in three days.

    I’m sure some sort of massive post about the weekend will be in order next week.

    More soon,

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