February 20, 2013

  • Recap

    I usually don’t take breaks from blogging unless I’m traveling. Which I haven’t been. Hmm….perhaps it’s that I started journaling. I haven’t been very good about keeping a diary, but thought I’d start with 2013 to write down all that I don’t write here. You know, the personal stuff.

    So what’s happened since I last blogged? Let’s see…

    • I saw Warm Bodies.
    • I had an amazing Buelleresque day complete with brunch, a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and a visit to Fisherman’s Wharf to play skeeball.
    • I finished the prologue to Alcira.
    • I submitted a query letter to a theatre.
    • I worked on other query letters/submission packets.
    • I emailed an A.D. at a theatre in Portland on the recommendation of a friend and fellow playwright, sending them my work. Good news, I got a nice reply and they’re gonna read my work when they get a chance.
    • I saw Se Llama Cristina by Octavio Solis at the Magic. (And if you haven’t seen it, do so immediately.)
    • I ate bacon poutine.
    • I rode on the back of a motorcycle (and I’m improving in my passenger-riding abilities).
    • I cleaned my house.
    • I got my work out routine going again.
    • I pretty much finished outlining my work plan (I’ll post that later this week).

    Oh, an my garden of tulips is growing despite the fact that I didn’t plant new bulbs or dig up and replant the old ones. I take it as a sign. A fortuitous sign.

    More soon,

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