April 8, 2013

  • 2013 Workplan: First Quarter Check-In

    I didn’t do quarterly check-in’s last year so I know they actually help me keep on track, focused and also help me see what I’ve accomplished. As I mentioned earlier this year my annual workplan is a living document so this check-in will allow me to report on what I added to it, what opportunities popped up that I was able to pounce on.

    Overall Goals

    • Write at least 3 blog posts a week: Well, I have definitely not been blogging as much here on my own site as I’d like to be. This quarter I am making a change that will free up my time and bring me back here more. Which is good. I like writing about my process as it helps me keep focused, creates a sort of accountability and also becomes a dramaturgical gold mine when needed.
    • Go to at least 1 play a month: I went to a few plays earlier this quarter. Though in March I decided to take a two month break so I could focus on writing. 
    • Website update: It looks like my graphic designer best friend will be able to take on my project in August. This gives me time to switch my blog to WordPress so that she can eventually switch it to SquareSpace where my website will be. At least, that’s the plan.

    1/02:  Yes, I Said Feminist Gala call for 10 Minute plays–Submit Her Story ✓
    1/14:  Leah Ryan’s Fund for Emerging Women Writers [PB]–Submit Heart Shaped Nebula
    1/14:  NALAC fellowship [PB]–>Submit application ✓
    1/15:  Ashland New Play Festival  [PB]–Submit The River Bride
    1/30: SF Playhouse call for plays about women and immigration [PB]–Submit Woman on Fire
    January was a solid month. I did everything outlined in the workplan.

    2/10: Mixed Blood Theatre [PB]–Submit 10 page query Woman on Fire
    2/10: eSe Teatro’s Multicultural Playwrights Festival [PB]–Submit Woman on Fire
    2/15: SF Playhouse [PB]–Submit 10 page query Heart Shaped Nebula [Haven't done yet]
    2/17: Miracle Theatre [PB]–Sent email to AD (rec from O.S.) to introduce self. Attached The River Bride and Heart Shaped Nebula. [good news, they will read both plays] ✓
    2/27: Berkeley Rep [PB]–Submit Heart Shaped Nebula [Haven't done yet]
    2/27: Wolf at the Door rewrite [W]–Rewrite should be underway [Started]
    Okay, with February you’ll see that one opportunity popped up, the eSe Teatro submission call. And I’m a bit behind on query letters/submission to theaters.

    3/17: Inkwell–Submit Woman on Fire[Wanted to send them Nebula, then realized it was too polished for what they were looking for, so sent Woman on Fire]
    3/10: Orland Shakespeare Theater PlayFest  [PB] [Missed deadline. Was focusing on Inkwell submission and lost track of this one. Had wanted to send them Nebula]
    3/15: Princess Grace Foundation Playwriting Award [PB]–Submit American Triage
    3/15: South Coast Rep [PB] [Had planned to send Nebula query, but luck prevailed. Colleague sent contact there Nebula and River Bride]
    3/15: Urban Theater Company [PB]–Submit inquiry for American Triage [Still need to do. I foresee a big query letter push in April]
    3/25 Wolf at the Door rewrite [W]–Rewrite should be almost done on 2nd draft [Currently finishing up second draft. Still feel it needs lots of work.]
    March kinda got away from me. I did get in two important submissions, but missed a deadline opportunity and have a lot to do by way of sending work to theatres.

    Here’s the final tally:

    • 1 10 min. play submission
    • 2 award submissions
    • 1 grant application submitted
    • 3 new play festival submissions
    • 3 queries to theatres
    • rewrites on 1 play
    • 1 development opportunity submission

    Next quarter I hope to up those queries to theatres and not miss any deadlines.


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