April 9, 2013

  • An ATLAS Program For Playwrights

    Theatre Bay Area‘s annual conference is coming up and in preparation for it TBA’s Facebook page was putting out calls asking for artists to identify what issues they’d like to see taken up for discussion. The call went out to actors, then directors and finally for playwrights. Here’s what I wrote in response:

    I’d love to see a year-long career planning program similar to ATLAS to help playwrights focus on creating a career path. Not a residency for workshopping scripts. This is about mapping out a career and identifying the goals that a PW needs to reach for in order to get the momentum needed to push their career forward.

    What’s ATLAS?

    Advanced Training Leading Artists to Success (ATLAS) was initially developed by TBA in 2008 as a resource for actors to identify personalized career goals and to better understand where they fit in the Bay Area theatrical landscape. In 2012 they launched their inaugural round for directors.

    Reading about how ATLAS participants were mapping out career goals is kinda what inspired me to start developing my annual workplans. And watching friends go through the program I began to wish there was one for playwrights.

    Good news!

    I got a response to my Facebook comment and it looks like TBA will be taking up the issue, and hopefully launching a version of ATLAS geared for playwrights.

    This calls for a bit of a celebration.


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