April 22, 2013

  • Yet Another Crazy-Busy Week/Weekend

    My days kind of blur together. It’s the frantic pace at my day job. I really should start keeping a diary again in order to keep track of the days. Meaning, keep track of all the small moments and events that add up to a life.

    Perhaps I can do a bit of that here with a recap of all that’s transpired.

    Here’s what happened:

    I wrote my final blog post for TheatreFace where I’ve been a featured blogger for a year an a half. I had to part ways because I began to notice that I was spending too much time and energy composing those bi-monthly blog posts. That is, too much time and energy in comparison to working on my plays. I have limited free time and wanted to prioritize my playwriting.

    After work I wandered around downtown to do a bit of shopping and eventually found my way to Haight street because I wanted to go to Amoeba. Aside from a huge selection of music, they have a good amount of movies and I was going specifically to pick up Ginger Snaps. Last time I was at Amoeba they had it. “Had it” past tense because it is no longer there.

    The Fitgerald sisters look equally disappointed that I was unable to find/buy their movie.

    Disappointed I picked my way through several movie genres before leaving with Amelie (I have the VHS and was glad to upgrade it), Fright Night (the 80s version of course) and An American Werewolf in London (which included a second DVD complete with a featurette about the movie). Joy was mine as all three were $5 or less. Whoo!

    I discovered that my refrigerator is indeed on its last leg the proof of which was in the milk (not pudding) that came plopping out of its container. This of course made me weary to trust most of the food in the fridge. Thankfully a torta shop opened up two blocks away and I was super happy with my torta de milanesa with a good side of nostalgia.

    I spent the morning working on a 10 page excerpt for a submission. And while I got everything I wanted to fit into 10 pages, I now wonder if they are the right 10 pages.

    After lunch I headed to the Mission to meet Heather, a director based in the South Bay who happened to be in SF for the day. I walked up and down Valencia street dismayed at the gentrification. I know it’s good for the businesses who were there before the transition, but man alive it was kinda sad to see the street scrubbed of any personality and individuality. Times they are a’changing. Heather and I talked theatre over coffee and dinner (at least the pupuseria I like is still there).

    I got up early to do laundry because Sunday afternoon was going to be all about Lawrence of Arabia on the big screen. Aside from laundry I spent the morning continuing my work on the submission I’m working on. And I have to say, I’ve developed a true gift–if I do say so myself–for trimming down summaries/synopses/artistic statements to meet word count guidelines. I trimmed a 168 word summary to 150 without really losing much. Which means I probably had a few unnecessary words/phrases to begin with. Either way I’m close to finishing the submission. I just need to work on the cover letter and finalize that 10 page excerpt.

    But back to Lawrence of Arabia. I met my best friend at the Castro Theatre were we spent 4 glorious hours watching one of the greatest movies of all time. It was amazing. I had purposely not watched it (I own it) for a while because I wanted to truly enjoy this experience. What a visually stunning movie.

    See that speck in the distance? That’s Omar Sharif making his entrance (you may need to click on the image to see him). This scene makes you marvel at the scale of the desert.

    The movie started at 2pm and we got out at 6pm. So there was little energy for house cleaning when I got home.

    So that was my weekend. So much was done, so much still to do.


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