May 7, 2013

  • An End To Radio Silence

    Well, that was a very unpleasant two weeks. Usually when I lapse in my blogging like that it’s due to travel. No such luck. I was in fact sick. A nasty cold similar to the one that kept me homebound at the beginning of this year. Only this cold brought a friend along, a friend called intense back pain.

    I’ve had back issues since high school. And after college when I threw my back out for the first time, my back became very sensitive and prone to injury. It goes without saying that I’m ├╝ber careful about carrying or lifting heavy objects. Careful about my posture. Careful about how hard I push myself in workouts. So I was quite surprised when two weeks ago I began to feel pain. Not just muscle pain, but nerve pain. I was surprised because I knew that I hadn’t done anything to injury myself. Long story short my back made sitting very challenging the past week and a half. And thus I was lying down whenever possible.

    This resulted in me doing the only thing I could do when confined to lying down on my futon to rest my back: watch movies.

    I love watching movies, but usually to relax or recharge my creative batteries. But this time I kept wishing I could sit up and type. Rewrites they were a’calling, but believe me when I say it: sitting was painful.

    So it was me, my heating pad and several, several movies via Netflix, On Demand and my personal collection. Highlights include Brandon Cronenberg’s Antiviral, The Pact, The Giant Mechancial Man, the latest season of The IT Crowd (that episode of Bad Boys cracks me up!), The Hedgehog and John Dies At The End (which was amazing, especially the flying moustache–that made me sit right up).0

    I can’t help myself. This show makes me laugh.

    So that was my past two weeks. Thankfully the back is much improved. I hope to dive (gently) into rewrites this weekend.

    More soon,

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