May 10, 2013

  • Directors, Directors, Everywhere…

    You know me, I love riffing off that Coleridge line. This week is my week of meeting with, talking to and hanging out with directors–I love it! Especially when talking results in mini creative breakthroughs.

    Earlier this week I met director Susannah Martin for tea at Samovar. And what a lovely evening it was for it. The weather was warm, but not too warm. The sun didn’t set until like 8pm so we had lots of light when we left and walked through a bit of Yerba Buena. Anyhoo, talking to her got my creative wheels a’turning and I had a mini breakthrough. I say “mini” because it was the completion of a thought. A thought I had been trying to figure out for some time and had hoped my upcoming developmental production of Heart Shaped Nebula would help me solve.

    Oh yeah, did I mention I have a developmental production of Nebula? More details on that soon.

    But back to the mini breakthrough. I’ve been trying to complete a thought or idea or tie up a narrative thread when it comes to the character of Amara. And I think I may have it. It’s a small detail. But something that I’ll need to weave into the play and I hope it works the way I think it will. We’ll see I guess.

    Anyway, Susannah and I had a great conversation. I can’t wait to do that again with her.

    As for the other directors, I have a phone call on Saturday slated with a director and we’ll be talking about that aforementioned developmental production. We were supposed to talk like two weeks ago but my sore throat made it impossible lest I go into a coughing fit or completely lose it during the call.

    And rounding out my week of directors is Paul Cello. We’re having brunch this Sunday. Whoo! I love brunch. Don’t know why I don’t do it more often.

    So now that I’m all better I’m busy busy busy running around. Which reminds me, I have like three plays I need to see in the next month. Busy busy busy, indeed.


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