August 8, 2013

  • Heart Shaped Nebula in Chicago: One Month Away!

    That’s right, in little less than a month the Alcyone Festival at Halcyon Theatre kicks off featuring Heart Shaped Nebula and several other awesome playwrights, all of which happen to be women.

    In related news (as in related to Heart Shaped Nebula‘s plot), the Perseid meteor shower ramps up this weekend. I wish I could get some place far away from the light pollution and fog (I usually love you, but not during August).

    So if you happen to be somewhere where there isn’t a blanket of fog covering your night sky, I recommend heading out away from the lights of cities and towns to stargaze and catch the 2013 Perseid meteor shower.

    And if you’re in Chicago, or will be during the month of September, I recommend going to check out the Alcyone Festival plays.

    See you in a month, Chicago!

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