October 10, 2013

  • The Latino Commons To Meet In Boston And I’m A-Going

    First, apologies for the radio silence. I’ve been laid up for almost a week thanks to my back. Good news is, it’s muscular. Muscular spasms. The bad news is my doctor didn’t give me anything stronger than Motrin to take care of it. Oh well. Time heals all wounds. Hopefully I will be healed up before I fly to Boston at the end of this month (that’s a long time to be sitting on a plane) for the Latino Theatre Commons convening.

    Here’s a bit more from an article on BroadwayWorld.com:

    The Latina/o Theatre Commons, a new national advocacy initiative, will host an historical convening of 75 Latina/o actors, directors, producers, playwrights, designers, and scholars representing all regions of the United States. They will gather to explore the history, current challenges, opportunities, and visions for Latina/o theatre-makers in the 21st century. This National Convening, to be held Oct. 31 to Nov. 2, 2013 at the Jackie Liebergott Black Box Theatre in the Emerson / Paramount Center (559 Washington St., Boston, Mass.), will be the first gathering of its kind since 1986. Over the course of the convening, those gathered will seek to advance the state of Latina/o theatre-making through sharing artistic, organizing, and institutional wisdom. Strategies will be identified to seed collaborations and strengthen the burgeoning network of Latina/o theatre artists…

    The convening will bring together veteranos alongside emerging artists, and independent as well as organizationally affiliated practitioners and scholars, representing the diversity of the Latina/o experience from across the country. Participants represent the multifaceted community, tracing their roots to many nations, some Spanish speaking and non-Spanish speaking, identifying on the queer spectrum, and embracing Native or African heritages as well. They will be champions and advocates for Latina/o work who provide insight, resources, and inspiration to in their respective regions and disciplines.

    I’m really excited to be one of the artists from several artists coming from the San Francisco Bay Area. And super excited to meet artists I’ve known for years but only online. It’s going to be an amazing experience, especially for an artist like myself who is at the beginning of her career.

    See you soon, Boston.

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